Seattle Centric: Average Rents, Successful Women, and the Governor’s Tour of SLU

Seattle Centric: News about rental real estate in Seattle, Washington, from

Curbed: Just what does Seattle’s average rent get you? 

Seattle’s average rent at the end of June hit $1,190–and Curbed decided to take a look at just what that amount will get you in different neighborhoods across the city. In Ballard, your $1,190 will move you into a two bedroom one-bath ground-floor unit, with 900 square feet of indoor space–as well as a back patio. Meanwhile, over in Eastlake, the same amount will get you a one bedroom, one-bath apartment in a twelve-unit building, with just 595 square feet–but it’s right in the heart of Eastlake. Curious to see what $1,195 gets in your neighborhood? Check out the featured units over at Curbed.

TechFlash: Governor Inslee tours Stack House Apartments in South Lake Union

All eyes have been on South Lake Union lately–and on Tuesday, the focus was even more intense as governor Jay Inslee toured the neighborhood. His stops on the Vulcan-lead tour included Amazon’s headquarters, as well as the Stack House Apartments, a 278-unit Vulcan project that is pursuing a Platinum LEED certification. So what does the governor think of this rising star neighborhood? According to his remarks, he sounds pretty excited, saying that “we are seeing energy innovation in action” in the district. Read more.

RedFin: Seattle a magnet for single, successful women

Did you know that women have surpassed men in the attainment of bachelor’s degrees? With the numbers of single, successful women soaring across the United States, Redfin decided to take a look at the cities that are most popular for these well-educated, unmarried ladies–and Seattle ranked number six! According to the article, Seattle’s “top-tier female employer” is Microsoft; 56% of women are college graduates, 32% earn high incomes, and 18% are single and between the ages of 25 and 39. Bonus: there’s what Redfin calls a “single men surplus” of 16%. Check out the rest of the results to see the other cities successful women love.  

PSBJ: Historic building near Pike Place Market to be renovated

The Wall Street Journal once called it an “eyesore,” and city officials almost condemned the property years ago–but now the 109 year old Eitel Building, located at Second and Pike, is about to get new life courtesy of Seattle firm Urban Visions. The company plans to renovate the property completely; when complete, the building will boast a top-floor restaurant and bar, a rooftop deck, retail space and residential units. They also plan to rehabilitate the building’s historic facade, while replacing structural elements where necessary. Read more here.

Seattle Times: RHAWA gives us the lowdown on rental deposits

Ah, the age-old tradition of the rental deposit.  Almost every landlord requires a security deposit–but do you know the ins and outs of deposits in Landlord Tenant law? In a new article from the Seattle Times, RHAWA External Affairs director Sean Martin tells us all about deposits, explaining just what is legal–and why. Among his talking points: a deposit “can be collected for virtually any purpose, as long as it is specified in name,” and must be fully refundable at the end of a tenancy (as long as the tenants comply with lease agreements, of course). What’s more, in the case of a security or damage deposit, a property condition checklist must be completed–otherwise there is no legal basis for refusing to return the deposit. Check out the rest of the rules and regulations here.


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