Dupre + Scott Video Highlights: Micro-Housing & Washington Immigrants

Dupre + Scott Weekly Video Update from www.duprescott.comHave you been keeping up with Dupre + Scott’s weekly video updates? They’re a great way to quickly access the latest rental market data–and today, we’ve got the most recent two videos, along with a quick summary of their major points. Enjoy!

July 5th: For today’s apartment dwellers, less is more.

This past Monday’s video covered the trends that Dupre + Scott have been seeing in apartments lately. Among their findings:

  • After getting bigger and bigger throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, apartments are shrinking again. Innovations from the small apartments of the 1950s, such as Pullman kitchens, are being revived and revamped to fit today’s urban lifestyle.
  • While the driving factor of the trend for smaller apartments is no doubt apartment cost and vacancy, the change is made possible in part by the digital revolution we’ve experienced in the past few years–most of us no longer need lots of space for our televisions, music collections, or libraries.
  • Finally, the addition of communal spaces interspersed with micro-apartments has created vibrant neighborhoods that cater to the needs of young renters, replacing the old standard of larger living spaces to recreate in.

June 28th: For Gen Y-ers, it’s Northwest or Bust!

Did you know that 15,000 people moved into Washington State last month alone? Dupre + Scott’s last video in June investigated migration into the Puget Sound region, to find out who’s moving to our lovely state–and where they come from.

  • First of all, migration to our state, which dropped during the 1990s, is now on an upward trend again. In fact, there has been a 20% increase in the number of people moving to the Puget Sound region since 1999.
  • While more people move to Washington from California than from any other place, the numbers of people coming from the state have dropped, by about 10,000 per year. But immigration from Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Nevada have more than filled that gap.
  • So who’s coming to Puget Sound? Of the 15,000 people who moved into the state last month, 9,640 of them moved into King, Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap, or Thurston counties. Those numbers are courtesy of state driver’s license data.



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