Ten Days of Buzz: May 5-14, 2013

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“The ability to rent a home on a short-term basis not only garners higher return than a long-term rental, but it keeps the home in good shape for when you are prepared to perhaps sell it.”

Jon Gray, VP of HomeAway. Renting Out Your Home: Tips and Strategies, Patch.com, 5/5/13.

“By 2031, South Lake Union will have to absorb some 12,000 households and 22,000 jobs to continue to meet its share of future growth. This rezone will take the pressure off other neighborhoods and will shape South Lake Union for the next hundred years.”

Councilman Richard Conlin. Seattle City Council approves South Lake Union rezone, Puget Sound Business Journal, 5/6/13.

“A doubling of the rate of home-ownership in a US state is followed in the long-run by more than a doubling of the later unemployment rate.”

Economists Andrew Oswald and David Blanchflower, in a new report. Study: Higher levels of homeownership can kill jobs, the Washington Post, 5/7/13.

“Not everyone can claim that their loft apartment used to be a roller rink. This domed space which used to be roller rink, bowling alley, a Hollywood soundstage is turning into a group of 39 apartments called The Citadel. 8 will be centrally located and only naturally lit by skylight.”

Valerie Paschall, writer for Curbed. Photos Released of Windowless Roller Rink Apartments, DC Curbed, 5/8/13.

“So much of this is driven by employment right now.”

Ryan McMaken of the Colorado Division of Housing. Colorado apartment vacancy rate drops for 14th consecutive quarter, BizJournals.com, 5/9/13.

“Green building materials range from traditional materials that are being revalued for their minimal impacts to advanced technologies that are enabling better passive and active building performance. Changes in design and construction…are helping to reduce the impacts from the buildings and materials sectors.”

Eric Bloom of Navigant Research. Green Material Demand to Increase, GlobeSt.com, 5/10/13.

“No community can be strong without quality rental housing. We’re saying that renting is just as important to a community as home ownership is…We’re way behind in the need for rental housing.”

Christine Young Gertz of the Apartment Association of PA. 400K apartments needed nationwide, BizJournals.com, 5/11/13.

“Seattle architecture company Hewitt is drawing up plans for Madison Development Group’s 180-unit project that will significantly alter the block where Bauhaus Coffee and Books and other small businesses operate in some old buildings on East Pine Street.”

Marc Stiles, Real Estate Writer. Development to radically alter Bauhaus block on Capitol Hill, Puget Sound Business Journal, 5/13/13.

“If you convert your residence into a rental, you can probably shelter most or all of the rental income with tax deductions, including depreciation write-offs. With any luck, you can eventually sell the property for a good price.”

Bill Bischoff of Taxwatch. How to convert your home into a rental, Marketwatch.com, 5/14/13.


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