Rental Tech: Crowd-Funded Real Estate, Spotify Apartments, & Tablet Leasing “Offices”

It’s time again for Rental Tech! We’ve got the latest on the technology that’s making tenants happier, landlord’s jobs easier, and the world a cooler place…it’s a fun time we live in, isn’t it? : )

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Coming soon: Smart apartments complete with Spotify and iPad Minis

Spotify Logo

Is the true era of the smart home finally upon us? It is for the future tenants of a planned apartment complex in Australia. The Imperial will rise ten stories and house 96 units in its clean, stair-stepped design–but the true draw of this building lies in its technology. Each unit will come equipped with Push Controls, Sonos sound systems, and even integrated Spotify. And for easy control of all these nifty features, each apartment will come with a free iPad mini.

While many homeowners are investing in devices from the Smart Home genre–Nest thermostats and other fun toys–this is the first we’ve heard of this technology being integrated into rental housing. Welcome to the future!  Read more.

Crowd-funding…for rental real estate?

The SEC has always regulated investments fairly strictly–but according to a new article from the LA Business Journal, they are now “inching closer” to loosening those restrictions in ways favorable for crowd-funding, and real estate companies are taking notice.

Money - Black and White Money

Realty Mogul is one such company; they have now launched their site, which gathers investors to share stakes in an apartment building or commercial space. The minimum investment is $5,000, and while the site is currently limited to accredited investors, the SEC is expected to soon make changes that will pave the way for “almost anyone who can afford the minimum investment” to jump on board. Read more.

Design of Amazon’s Denny Triangle towers changes

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Are you tired of hearing about Amazon’s Denny Triangle towers yet? Just a quick update today. The towers, which are sure to influence the shape of downtown for decades to come, have just gotten a bit of a re-design.

The changes will primarily affect the shorter of the structures. Bryan Stevens, a Planning and Development spokesman for the city, said that Amazon has altered its design for the base of the high-rise “from a rectilinear approach to something more distinctive and identifiable.” We can’t wait to  see what they’ve got in store. Read more.

Are tablets “the leasing offices of the future?”

While we’ve been hearing about “the office of the future” for almost as long as offices have existed now, there’s no question that tablets and smart phones have given us access to many work tools that were previously tied rather permanently to a desk. In their March issue, UNITS, a publication of the NAA, delved into what tablets can mean for landlords and leasing companies–namely, a lot less time spend in the rental office.

English: An image of an iPad 2.

While equipping leasing agents and others with tablets can require a bit of an investment, having easy-to-use and current technology can make employees “poised and comfortable,” while signaling to potential tenants (many of whom work in the tech industry themselves) that your company is keeping pace. Tablets can especially assist with tours, when “I can let you know when we get back to the office” turns into “sure, let me check on that for you.” Read more.


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