Ten Days of Buzz: January 5-15, 2013

Could parts of West Seattle be underwater by 2050? If plans to prevent it are not implemented, it could happen–at least according to a new report from Seattle Public Utilities climatologist James Rufo. We’ve got that story, along with plenty of other rental-housing related stories, in this week’s Ten Days of Buzz.

Ten Days of Buzz

“In my role as keeper of the Market’s soul, I wanted to ensure the design solution was appropriate to the Market.” 

Architect Peter Steinbrueck. Market, waterfront link seen in terrace proposal, Seattle Times, 1/5/2013.

“Young people today, they put much higher value on flexibility. … It doesn’t seem like that’s going to change.”

Real Estate Analyst Jeff Donnelly. Apartment Rents Continue to Rise As Vacancies Fall, The Wall Street Journal Online, 1/7/13.

“Homeowners unencumbered by a mortgage may be more flexible than indebted homeowners, and therefore more apt or willing to list their homes or enter the market for a new property. By determining where these homeowners are located, we can also gain insight into potential inventory and demand in those areas as well.”

Zillow Chief Economist Stan Humphries. 21% of area homes fully paid off, SacBee.com, 1/11/13.

“The housing recovery is not affecting apartments at the ground level. Rents are going to keep going up.”

Alexander Goldfarb of Sandler O’Neill & Partners. Moving On Up: Stage Set for Rents to Go Higher, The Wall Street Journal Online, 1/12/13.

“This is a cutting-edge issue that plays into several areas of law: medical marijuana, Initiative 502, landlord-tenant law, and privacy matters.” 

Hilary Bricken, attorney for a Mercer Island tenant. Mercer Island landlord tries to ban pot in apartment building, the Seattle Times, 1/12/13.

“We are encouraging property providers to do two things. First, we are asking them to consider adjusting lease terms to help quickly accommodate housing needs. Second, we are urging them to log on to the HRC website to take advantage of this free and easy way to promote their open units.”

Richard Constable III, from the NJ Department of Community Affairs. State website helps Sandy survivors find housing, ShoreNewsToday.com, 1.13.13.

“You can look over my shoulders and see the cranes that represent the economic activity of this maritime and industrial sector that create so many family wage jobs, when you look at the map and you see that most of Harbor Island can be under water in these events, it really causes us concern about future looks like and how we adapt to that.”

Seattle City Councilman Mike O’Brien. Rising sea levels will put Seattle neighborhoods under water, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1/14/13.

“The market is still very healthy for landlords, but it’s flattening out, and I’m concerned about the impact of all the new construction in the pipeline.”

Tom Cain of Apartment Insights Washington. Days of big rent increases for apartments may be over, especially on Eastside, the Seattle Times, 1/14/13.

And our final quote for the day is just for fun:

“Portions of roof are missing and there has been a fire. Please use caution when touring this property.”

From the real estate listing on Estately, as quoted on Curbed Seattle. The Fixer-Upper To End All Fixer-Uppers Hits The Market, 1/15/13. (Go on, check out the slideshow–we dare you.)


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