The Buzz, Holiday Edition: Stuck in the Chimney, Tenant Tips, & More

We’re well into the holiday season, with Christmas just around the corner. At a time like this, you don’t want to read abstracted projections about next year’s rental market, or brush up on landlord tenant law…you want holiday  goodness! So that’s what we’ve got–a  veritable buffet of winter tips and heartwarming (and/or unusual) stories. It’s a little holiday fun for a cold winter’s day.

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Stuck in a chimney just days before Christmas? Don’t be that guy.

There’s always one…this year’s ‘stuck in a chimney’ story comes from San Francisco, where a 33 year-old man was trapped for hours in his building’s ventilation ducts. “We still don’t know why he was there, in the first place,” fire department spokeswoman Mindy Talmadgi said. The man was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises, and won’t be charged with a crime; whatever his motive, he’s got a story he’ll probably be telling for the rest of his life. Read more.

Quick tenant tips: Easy ways to keep thieves away over vacation

A lot of tenants will be heading out of town in the next few days; Detroit Property Managers have offered four easy ways their empty apartments can avoid detection by thieves. Among the tips to pass along to tenants: don’t post all over Facebook about your impending vacation; turn down the volume on your landline’s ringer, and avoid recording an “I’m on vacation” answering machine message (I know–who has an answering machine anymore?); ensure that doors and windows are locked tight; and inform your landlord or property manager of your plans. Simple steps, but they can ensure that a tenant–and his property manager–will enjoy a much happier New Year. Read more.

Awww…Canadian single mother-of-four wins one year free rent 

For the fourth year running, Boardwalk Rental Communities up in Canada teamed up this year with Virgin Radio Calgary to provide a year’s free rent to a deserving tenant living in one of their units. The winner, announced just in time for the holidays, was nominated by her 15 year-old daughter. She has four children and suffered a heart attack last year; when she was told that she had won, Lisa said (and I quote): “Holy cow!” Read more.

Chances of white Christmas next week in Seattle: five percent

The fire inside may be just delightful, but don’t count on any frightful weather out there next week–forecasters are reporting there is just a five percent chance of snow in the city on Tuesday. That’s even lower than the average yearly statistical probability that it will snow in Seattle on Christmas, which rings in at seven percent. All in all, it has snowed in Seattle on December 25th just five times since 1891–so you may not want to pull out your waterproof gloves just yet. Read more.


That’s it for us today. You won’t see us on the blog next week, but we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming the Wednesday after next, just after we’ve celebrated the New Year. In the meantime, Happy Holidays from all of us at Seattle Rentals!


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