Under Construction: Units on their Way in Belltown, South Lake Union, Queen Anne, & More!

Happy Friday! There’s a ton of festive happenings this weekend–check out the weekend event calendar here if you’re looking for things to do. And as you tool around town, it’s a safe bet you’ll head past at least one site where new multifamily units are going up, or a new apartment building has been proposed. In our new Under Construction feature, we’ve got a rundown on new construction and proposed projects. Whether it’s your next home, your next employer, or your future competition, you need to know all about it!

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 8.26.29 PM

Under Construction: Via 6

  • What: A cycle-centric building with 250 bike parking stalls
  • How (many): 654 units in 24 stories (1,000 square feet)
  • Where: At the point where Downtown, Belltown, and South Lake Union meet
  • When: The building is currently under construction; their leasing office is taking applications now
  • For more: Read the Seattle Times article

Under Construction: The Europa

  • Who: Holland Partners
  • What: A seven-story mixed use building with bicycle storage and rooftop decks
  • How (many): 100 apartment units will sit atop 3,000 square feet of commercial space; underground parking will accomodate 90 vehicles
  • Where: On Dexter Avenue, in South Lake Union
  • When: The project is currently under construction; the completion date is TBD
  • For more: Check out the GroupArchitect project page

Planned: 450 Units in Bellevue

  • Who: Goodman Real Estate
  • What: Four separate buildings, rising up to six stories, with an underground garage below
  • How (many): The buildings will rise up to six stories, housing a total of 450 units
  • Where: Overlake, between Northeast Bel-Red Road and 156th Avenue Northeast
  • When: Construction is expected to begin in July 2013 and be completed by December 2014
  • For more: Read the Seattle Times article

Under Construction: H20 Apartments

  • Who: Euclid Development
  • What: A six-story building with five intriguing live-work lofts included in the design
  • How (many): 40 apartment units, plus 1,900 square feet of retail space
  • Where: West Harrison, in Lower Queen Anne
  • When: Construction began in November of last year and is scheduled to wrap up this coming January
  • For more: Check it out in urbnlvn.com

Proposed: Junction Flats

  • What: A four-story building proposed to replace two single-family homes and a triplex currently on the property
  • How (many): Four stories is the max height allowed in that area; it will house approximately 70 units, with underground parking
  • Where: The 4400 block of 42nd SW, across from Hope Lutheran Church
  • When: This project is still in the planning stages–its Early Design Guidance meeting is on January 10th–and if all goes as planned, construction would begin in early 2014
  • For more: Read the West Seattle Blog article

That’s it for today–but there are plenty more where those came from! Check back soon for more construction updates. In the meantime, the weekend is about to start…get out there and enjoy yourselves! We’ll see you next time.


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