The Buzz: Haunted House for Sale or Rent

A note before we dive into Halloween fun: stay safe out there, East Coast friends! We’re thinking of you.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Seattle Rentals! If you’re looking for something to do tonight, check out these options from the Seattle Times (scroll down for Wednesday’s offerings). Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more mellow–maybe mix up some Corpse Revivers and Bloody Rum Punches at home? In the meantime, we’ve got an extra-scary edition of The Buzz for you today.

Full replica of Disney’s Haunted Mansion is on the market in Georgia.

Not every contractor has the means to build a full-scale replica of a Disney attraction; but when Mark Hurt was designing his house, he knew exactly what to do. Hurt spent years working for Disney, and had access to the plans for the Haunted Mansion–so he built another one in Duluth for himself and his wife to live in. Now the house is on the market…care to move in to the Haunted Mansion?

If pet cemetery is on your list of must-haves, look no further!

That’s right, this property in Tempe, AZ costs $250,000 and has 4.8 acres, two bedrooms, one bathroom…and one pet cemetery. The first sentence in the listing ad? “SELLER WANTS THIS PROPERTY SOLD.” Hmm, wonder why…could it be the ghost of dachshunds past?

The house where the Amityville Horror was filmed is up for sale, too.

What is it with all of these haunted houses for sale? It’s almost as if the owners wanted to get rid of them for some reason…spooky. The Amityville Horror house is located in Toms River, NJ, and was originally listed at $1.25 million, but is now down to $935,000. It boasts four bedrooms and while the house was used for the movie in 1979, it is not the actual house that the movie was based on, which is located–of course–in Amityville.

And since we like to be scared on Halloween…here are some truly scary listing photos.

Any property manager will tell you: there’s nothing scarier than a terrible listing photo. AOL has a good slideshow of them up right now–check out photo number three for creepy-doll-in-fireplace action perfect for Halloween.

Well, that’s it for us today–did we scare you? Now go enjoy your holiday, and we’ll see you back here Friday with some real news.


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