Visions of Curb Appeal, from Those in the Know

Have you checked out the latest issue of the NAA’s Units magazine? Their cover article caught our eye this month, when they asked their members to share their thoughts on curb appeal: what makes a property irresistible from the very first glance? Management at some of the most appealing communities from around the country shared their thoughts with the magazine; each has a unique vision for their buildings. Excerpts from our favorites are below.

“Our curb appeal sets the tone for everything residents find inside. It beckons you in, piques your interest, and makes you feel welcome.”

–Monica Fife, Verona at the Reserve (Houston TX)

Judging from the photographs, this community has worked hard to create a lush, cool environment that cools and slows the pace of the city outside its grounds. Untamed Cypress trees, a fountain that looks almost as though you could swim in it, and a cool stone facade work in concert to welcome each newcomer.

“Our staff not only works for A&G, many proudly call A&G home. Everyone cares, and it shows.”

–Kathie Dzbinski, Islands of Fox Chase (Glen Burnie MD)

While this building doesn’t have the real estate in which to set a wooded drive like the last community, the landscaping they do have is both meticulous and completely homey–the flowers and small trees look as though you might find them in front of a quaint little cottage. It’s clear the idea of home has been taken to heart in the design.

“The Georgian is a St. Charles Avenue landmark with its unique features: English ivy, towering heritage oaks…all creating picturesque ambiance.”

–Jonathan Jones, The Georgian (New Orleans LA)

Settled rather imposingly into the historical Garden District of New Orleans, the Georgian rises as a wall of lush green ivy, with only a hint of the brick walls behind the foliage. The New Orleans-style lightposts, the classic sign, and the rich foliage all add up to a building that is classic…and yet somehow exotic, all at the same time.

Another intriguing, classic, ivy-covered building.

For photos and more information about each building–and plenty of other featured properties–check out this month’s issue of Units. In the meantime, what’s your philosophy when it comes to curb appeal? Weigh in below.


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