Congratulations, Graduates. Now Seattle Up!

June is nearly upon us, and that means…graduation season! As college students across the US celebrate in ceremonies with long-winded guest speakers and funny hats, you can be that Pomp and Circumstance won’t be the only tune left ringing in their ears. The other bit? Oh, just that old refrain, beating with ever-increasing urgency: What’s the plan? And even more simply, for those of us prone to panic if we think too far ahead: Where to next? 

One popular option for the graduate eager to try something new, to be somewhere dynamic and vibrant, is (of course) Seattle. Let’s face it–Seattle is downright attractive to people from other parts of the country. In fact, our fair city is full of people born elsewhere; according to the Census, recent transplants have outnumbered Washington-born Seattlites for over thirty years now. And it’s no wonder families and graduates think of Seattle when they plan their next move; we’ve covered the benefits of Seattle pretty extensively by now, and the food alone is reason enough to stay for at least a few (very delicious) years.

But we digress; back to those newly-graduated college students. just released its annual top cities for college graduates, and Seattle made the list at number 14.  The list was based on national data regarding employment opportunities, salary, and rent, and while San Francisco beat us by a hair, we were one of just a few western cities to make the top 15 spots.

Our unemployment rate is below the national average; our one-bedroom apartments cost less than in cities like San Francisco or New York; and to top it off (while this wasn’t taken into account for CareerBuilder’s list), if you’re bored in the middle of winter, you can always play amateur competitive dodgeball. What’s not to love?

So congratulations, college students, and see you soon! When you get here, we’ll be ready with coffee, culture, and those one-bedroom and studio apartments you love so much.


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