Seattle Who?

Did you see? The Business Journals just ranked the top cities to which college graduates are moving; Seattle, which consistently falls within the top 25 in lists like this one, came in at #16. With Boston at #1, we’re sure it would rank much, much higher in a study focusing on West-Coasters.

But it had us wondering–who really lives in Seattle? Who are our renters, our neighbors? We looked at numbers from the most recent census, as well as, and this is what we found (click the links for our source numbers).

1. Seattle is young.

Did you know that adults ages 18-34 currently comprise one-third of the city’s population? That’s right, one-third–that’s a lot of skinny jeans. With Seattle’s longstanding reputation as a trendsetter in basically everything worth doing, wearing, or listening to, we shouldn’t be surprised…but it’s still kind of astounding. The breakdown, by the way, is as follows: 19.9% of residents are in their twenties, with a slightly smaller 19.6% in their thirties . Incidentally, tweens and teens make up just 9.4%, while just between five and nine percent of residents are of retirement age.

2. Seattle is college-educated. 

Seattle has a higher percentage of residents with a B.A. or higher than any other major city. 56% of our residents have a college degree–that’s higher than San Francisco (52%), Washington D.C. (48.5%), and Boston (44.7%). Not surprisingly, we also have the highest percentage of high school graduates. As soon as we learned this, we wanted to check out our hunch that a higher than average number of Jeopardy contestants are from Seattle…sadly, the numbers to back that up were not immediately available.

3. Seattle doesn’t have kids. Wait, really?

While Seattle has always been a great place for singles, it seems to lend itself pretty well to bringing up a family, too–and the incidental data we’ve gathered in Top Pot on snow days has seemed to confirm that. But while there are plenty of children in the city, it turns out only 18.2% of Seattle homes actually have kids–that leaves 81.8% without. With the median age firmly at 37 years, perhaps Seattle just isn’t quite ready to settle down.


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