Speaking Empirically…Seattle Rocks.

It’s not like we need persuading, but sometimes Seattle’s damp reputation makes people think twice before relocating to this beautiful place. Do you have friends or family (or potential tenants) who are thinking of making the move? We went looking for proof of Seattle’s appeal and found out what we had long suspected–Seattle is a good place to live. It consistently ranks in top ten lists from sources across the country; whether it’s literacy, capitalism, exercise, or child-rearing, Seattle is simply a great place to do what you love. We’ve listed some of our findings below.

Seattle ranks #10 in Under30CEO.com’s list of the best cities for young entrepreneurs. “Seattle has always been driven by old industrial companies,” they explain, “but recently newer technology and internet companies have begun to call it home.”  Seattle’s beautiful surroundings and a startup-friendly culture allow new businesses to flourish.

Seattle ranks #8 in Parenting Magazine’s list of the best cities in which to raise a family. The magazine cites locally grown veggies, the city’s crown as one of the most literate cities in the US, and its nearly 5,000 acres of parks among their criteria.

Seattle ranks #4 in the CBS News list of the happiest large cities. Not only that, but in the top ten list of the happiest small cities, four of the winners are in Washington state. Not too shabby, Washington!

Seattle ranks #2 in a major university’s list of the most literate cities. Bested only by Washington D.C. (with Portland really bringing up the rear at #9), the city’s newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, library resources, and educational attainment were among the criteria that launched it to the top.

Seattle ranks #1 in the Men’s Health list of the most active cities. That puts us above San Francisco, Salt Lake, Portland, even Denver. Looks like those runners I see zooming around Green Lake every morning on my way to work are on to something!


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