Ten Days of Buzz: March 11th–20th, 2012

Give us ten days and we’ll give you the news–that’s what Ten Days of Buzz is all about. Enjoy the bite-sized morsels!

“The current level of pent-up demand for new households is three time higher than it was at this point in the economic cycle in the past recoveries.”

Calvin Schnure, VP of Research for NAREIT. Housing Shortage Makes Winners Out Of Apartment REITs, Forbes.com, 3/12/12.

“[This project is] an opportunity to be sustainable and productive members of our community.”

John Schoettler, Amazon’s director of global real-estate facilities. Amazon will decide by June on 3-block property deal, The Seattle Times, 3/13/12.

“Doug Daley, Harbor’s president and CEO, said Harbor’s shareholders have no stake in the new company, called Harbor Urban, although Harbor’s development team will stay in place.”

Eric Pryne, Business Reporter for the Seattle Times. Longtime developer Harbor Properties sold, The Seattle Times, 3/14/12.

“The foreclosure crisis is essentially a giant engine converting owner households into rental households.”

Stan Humphries, Chief Economist for Zillow.com. Rising rents could signal housing market strength, Seattle Times, 3/16/12.

“The objective was to ‘go green’ and make it easier for residents to pay rents by having an online method.”

Ellen Kaufman Wolf, Attorney for Jones and Jones. Tenants fight policy requiring online rent, Seattle Times, 3/17/12.

“We’re investing a lot of capital, a lot of time, with the expectation that this is a very small beginning to a very big movement.”

Sean Dobson, CEO of Amherst. Wall Street Keys On Landlord Business, The Wall Street Journal, 3/18/12.

“Our February National Housing Survey has shown the impact of recent strong private sector employment growth on Americans, as consumer confidence in the direction of the economy has improved by 19 percent since November 2011.”

Doug Duncan, Chief Economist for Fannie Mae. Economic Growth Continues; Employment and Income Growth Lead the Way, MarketWatch.com, 3/19/12.

“The market for condos isn’t there right now, nor is the financing. But since the market for rentals is, we’re proceeding on that basis.”

Martin Ginsburg, Founder of Ginsburg Development. Rentals to the Rescue, The New York Times, 3/20/12.

And that’s it for this week! Tweet us with your favorite stories, and maybe they’ll show up next time. Until then, cheers!


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