Five Ways to Get Rid of Household Items (and Feel Good About it Too)

You’ve probably run into this question more than once before in your life as a landlord: what do you do with old household stuff? Whether you’ve been renting out a furnished unit or a tenant just decided to leave some of their things behind, occasionally it’s going to become your problem to get rid of a few belongings. And in the city, that can feel like its easier said than done.

Frequently, we get asked by owners or agents for recommendations on what to do with these unwanted items.  Luckily, we have answers. Here are some of the resources that our clients have found the most useful, courtesy of Many of the sources we’ve listed are charities, which means you get to get rid of old household items and rack up some karma points in the process!

1. What Do I Do With…, from King County government

King County maintains this searchable database of resources. Just type in a keyword, or select your item from the drop-down menu, and you’ll see where you can drop it off. The interface is detailed but easy to use, and the list of places to take your things is extensive.

2. Donate Seattle: a directory of charities 

Whether you have clothes, books, bikes, computer, appliances, or furniture, Donate Seattle can probably find a charity who needs it. Select a category and view the list of organizations who could use the items you have. It’s a win-win!

3. Interconnection: Free electronic recycling, data wiping, and pick-up is a nonprofit that teachers computer maintenance and repair skills to low-income individuals. Once the computers are repaired (and their data wiped), they are donated to underserved communities, both locally and abroad. That old machine of yours could change a life!

4. The Sharehouse: Seattle’s furniture bank for homeless families in transition

The Sharehouse’s missions is “to bring a sense of self-sufficiency…to families and individuals moving from homelessness to permanent housing, and to protect our environment by distributing useful household items that would otherwise be discarded.” They offer pick-up service, too!

5. The Children’s Hospital Thrift Store, run by Seattle Children’s Hospital

Seattle Children’s Hospital maintains several thrift stores in the Seattle area. They accept small furniture items, as well as jewelry, clothing, furniture, collectibles, coins, linens, shoes and more, and proceeds benefit the hospital. Check out the link for info about drop-off points.


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