Ten Days of Buzz: February 15-25

Welcome to Ten Days of Buzz, where we round up what the experts have been saying recently and give it to you straight. Enjoy the buzz!

“Tell Donald Trump to look out.”

–Linda Basili, an investor who recently entered the multifamily housing industry. Mom and pop investors propping up home-buying market, USA Today, 2/15/12.

“In terms of economic development and new jobs for Seattle, this is off the charts.”

–Clise Properties Chairman Al Clise. Amazon to buy Denny Triangle property; plans 3 big office towers, Seattle Times, 2/16/12.

“Now, every home has to have granite if you want to not just sell it, but rent it. [Selling or renting a house without granite is] almost like trying to sell a house without a toilet.”

–Ron Cathell, real estate agent. Granite Becomes the Kitchen Counter Favorite, Seattle Times, 2/17/12.

“Looking ahead, we expect robust growth in the multi-family market. The outlook is very positive due to solid fundamentals, demographics, low interest rates and strong capital flows into the sector.”

–David Brickman, senior vice president at Freddie Mac. Strong Residential Rental Market Fueled by Fannie and Freddie, 2/21/12.

“The foreclosure-to-rental model can be developed in most every market in the United States.”

–Lewis Ranieri, the co-inventor of the mortgage-backed security. The Case for Converting Foreclosures to Rentals, The Wall Street Journal, 2/23/12.

“I think it’s going to be interesting to see whether there’s been a fundamental sociological shift in that 20-35 year old cohort, where they literally say ‘this American dream just doesn’t work for me.”’

–Brad Forrester, chief executive of the ConAm Group. In a depressed housing market, renters abound, Boston Globe, 2/24/12.

Well, that’s it for this week. Did we miss anything? Tweet us articles you found interesting (#10daybuzz) and maybe they’ll show up in the next column. Until then…see you in ten!


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