TVs are from Mars, Closets are from Venus

Are men and women looking for different things in a potential apartment or condo? According to a new study conducted by Trulia and covered in the Seattle PI, they just might be.

Gourmet kitchens are a middle ground

When asked what was important to them in a potential home, men and women did agree on a few things–a gourmet kitchen and a master bathroom were the features that came closest to being equally coveted, with just about ten percentage points’ worth of a difference between each gender for each feature (that’s 64% of men wanting a master bath, compared to 75% of women; for the gourmet kitchen, that drops to 51% of men and 62% of women).

But on other features, a predictable divide arose. 72% of surveyed women said that a walk-in closet was very important to them, compared to only 55% of men; meanwhile, 42% of men opted for an entertainment center & theater, with only 28% of women choosing the same.

If only we all had Carrie Bradshaw's walk-in closet...

Trulia also asked each group what they looked for, real-estate wise, in a potential spouse. Interestingly enough, whether a person owned or rented “didn’t matter to most women or men.” The important thing–at least for women–was that a person lives alone. Women also stated that they preferred men who live in the suburbs (36%, versus 19% preferring the city), while 32% of men would rather their paramour lives in the city.

What feature do tenants love in your rentals? What kind of housing do you look for in a potential spouse? Let us know in the comments, and head over to the Seattle PI for the full article.


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