Who’s Hiring? The Apartment Industry!

Happy February! Even those of us who aren’t a fan of Hallmark holidays or weather-predicting rodents have something to celebrate this month–it’s National Career and Technical Education Month. And PR Newswire has announced something that the happy worker bees at SeattleRentals.com have long suspected: even in our uncertain economic times, the apartment industry is a great place to find employment!

According to the U.S. Census, 35% of all households in the US today are renting households; that’s estimated to increase by about 400,000 annually over the next ten years. Because of this steady growth, the apartment industry has continued to hire even as other industries have resorted to the downsizing and mass-layoffs that were so emblematic of the recession.

Currently, the multifamily housing industry directly employs more than a million people, as well as contributing to the employment of workers who provide services to apartment communities. “Every year we keep adding to the apartment stock, and we keep adding jobs,” Maitri Johnson, president of the NAAEI, confirms. And because apartment management companies have a broad range of needs (management, customer service, accounting, business analysis, preventative maintenance, and more), their employees are a diverse group with a variety of educational backgrounds.

With over 95 million (and rising!) Americans living in rental housing, it’s clear that the rental boom and subsequent employment opportunities won’t be disappearing any time soon. Interested in a career in the multifamily housing industry? Check out the full article, as well as these links:


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