Questions for Kyle – How to Use Social Media (Part 5, Location-Based Services)

Sorry for the lack of posts this last week! With several people on vacation, things were a little busier than usual here. 

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There are a plethora of Location-Based Services (LBS) out there (Foursquare, Gowalla, SCVNGR, etc.), but LBS apps in many ways feel like the youngest member of the social media family. The number of people in these communities is currently significantly smaller than those of Facebook or Twitter, but they are growing fast.

Also, most members of LBS communities are more involved than members of some of the other online social communities.

LBS apps are a great tool for the real estate industry. LBS apps allow users to “check-in” at a specific location to unlock awards, discounts, tips or games. These apps encourage users to explore new places and to look for specific things when visiting a location.

For example, with SCVNGR you can create a check-in location for your building. Then when people use the SCVNGR app to check in, they’ll be lead on a scavenger hunt around your property. Would you like to make sure that people see the beautiful granite countertops in the kitchen? Have them take a picture of the kitchen to complete a task! Want them to see the business center? Award extra points for completing a challenge there.

Location based services are a fun way to bring people to your building and help them explore all of the great features it offers. The community is still relatively small, so it’s more important to start your social media campaign with Facebook and Twitter, but once you have those going LBS services are a addition to your campaign!

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