Questions for Kyle – How to Use Social Media (Part 4, Facebook)

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Sorry I’m a little late this week! Better late than never though, as they say. 

With over 750 million people on it, and approximately 700 billion minutes spent on the site each month, it’s obvious that being on Facebook is a crucial part of any social media campaign!

Facebook provides an online platform to share photos, videos and information with a community all in one place. On Facebook you can give brief updates to everyone or just an individual using the posting tool, or you can provide longer, more blog-like articles with the note feature.

While Facebook has been knocked in the past for making privacy controls confusing, there have been a lot of updates recently that provide more control over how much your followers can engage with your brand. Some companies are excited about the prospect of followers sharing thoughts and photos on their Facebook page because it gives them a chance to communicate with people and make a company more personable. Other companies may be hesitant to open a brand up to commentary from their followers because of how difficult it can be to moderate that much content.

If you have the time, opening the page up to followers’ posts is a great way to promote transparency and communication. If you don’t have the time though, it’s better to lock it down so you can control the content on the page easier.

A great goal to start with for the Facebook element of your social media campaign is to get 25 “Likes“. Once you’ve had 25 people like your page, you can get a vanity URL. A vanity URL is a name that you choose preceded by An example is our site, Before we had 25 likes, our Facebook page was a random string of numbers after the Facebook URL. A vanity URL makes it easier for people to find your page. Start by trying to get your friends and family to like the page, just to give you the initial boost you need to get the vanity URL.

Facebook is probably the most important tool in any social media campaign, if for no other reason than it is the most versatile. Most other social media sites perfect a single element of what makes Facebook so great, but none have all the features and the large community to compete with Facebook. Facebook is the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none of social media, and it is a great place to begin any social media campaign because of that.

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