New Construction Updates Throughout Seattle

Lots of plans for new construction this week! There are exciting developments for Queen Anne, Fremont and Capitol Hill on the way. Here are a few tid-bits from the past week:

  • An application was submitted to begin construction on a seven-story, mixed-use building at the intersection of 15th & W. Dravus. The application outlined plans for 234 residential units and 5,500 sq. ft. of retail space.
  • The twin of the Braeburn, the Cameo, will have a design meeting tomorrow night. Currently, this building is planned to be filled with condos. It’ll have 56 units, retail space and couple of live-work spaces. You can view the building’s official site here.
  • In Fremont the Rocket Apartments will be demolished to make way for the  Evanston Space Project. The apartments from the ’40s are being taken down to make way for office/retail space. The Evanston Space Project is planned to have 121 offices, 5 retail spots and garage parking for 100 cars!

Are there big changes coming somewhere close to you that you’d like us to write about? Tell us through FacebookTwitter or in the comment section below!


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