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2nd-Largest Apartment Project Coming to Belltown

The Pioneer Street Group announced they would be breaking ground soon on a 2-tower, 24-floor project with 654 units! The project is located at 6th & Lenora in Belltown, and represents the second largest apartment development to date in Seattle.

The mixed-use building will also feature 18,000 square feet of retail space on the ground level and is the biggest project in the Denny Triangle in over 3 years.

This project, coupled with several other large apartment projects, represents a shift in the confidence of developers regarding apartment construction. With the condo market currently floundering and a high demand for more rental units, the race is on to build new apartment buildings.

Demand for rental units will likely outpace supply until 2013, making current apartment projects strong investments as long as no time is wasted in their construction.

More information about the Belltown project here. How do you see the addition of 654 units in one project affecting the Belltown scene? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, on Facebook or through Twitter!

New Construction Updates Throughout Seattle

Lots of plans for new construction this week! There are exciting developments for Queen Anne, Fremont and Capitol Hill on the way. Here are a few tid-bits from the past week:

  • An application was submitted to begin construction on a seven-story, mixed-use building at the intersection of 15th & W. Dravus. The application outlined plans for 234 residential units and 5,500 sq. ft. of retail space.
  • The twin of the Braeburn, the Cameo, will have a design meeting tomorrow night. Currently, this building is planned to be filled with condos. It’ll have 56 units, retail space and couple of live-work spaces. You can view the building’s official site here.
  • In Fremont the Rocket Apartments will be demolished to make way for the  Evanston Space Project. The apartments from the ’40s are being taken down to make way for office/retail space. The Evanston Space Project is planned to have 121 offices, 5 retail spots and garage parking for 100 cars!

Are there big changes coming somewhere close to you that you’d like us to write about? Tell us through FacebookTwitter or in the comment section below!

Seattle Apartment & Condo Buildings that Foster Eco-Friendly Living

Seattle’s always been known for being progressive and eco-friendly. These buildings just reinforce that idea with their purposeful construction and amenities that decrease their environmental impact. Located throughout the Seattle area, these buildings also debunk the myth that being environmentally friendly comes at the cost of quality and luxury.

  1. Mosler Lofts: The Mosler Lofts recently sent out a press release highlighting all of their eco-friendly attributes. You can read it here, but a few of the features that stood out to me were the low-flow fixtures, the dual flush toilets and commitment to offset the first two years of the building’s power consumption with the purchase of Green Tags.
  2. SOMA: The SOMA is Bellevue’s first apartment building to draw on a geo-thermal system for its water heating. It also uses dual flush toilets and Energy-Star appliances. This building just opened and will likely fill up quickly.
  3. Hjarta: The Hjarta is an eco-friendly building in Ballard that recycled 99% of the materials on the site before construction and diverted 95% of the construction waste away from landfills. Through the energy-efficient design of the building, owners in the Hjarta have been able to save up to 30% on their energy bills compared to other condo owners.
  4. VEER Lofts: The VEER Lofts in South Lake Union feature drought-resistant landscaping, recycled building materials and water conserving fixtures.

Was there an important building we missed? Do you live in one of these or another eco-friendly building? We would love to hear what your experience has been like! Share your thoughts in the comments below, on our Facebook page or through Twitter!