This Week’s Multi-Family Housing News!

This has been a busy week for Seattle’s rental market. Apartment buildings have been listed for sale, plans have been made to demolish old buildings and to construct new buildings. More below:

  • The Stratford Company has renewed its plans to demolish the dilapidated Marion Apartments at Bellevue and Pine. Construction of a new project will begin as soon as possible. The new project, called the Pine Street Apartments, will have 132 units and 4,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. More info here.
  • The Schuster Group has done away with it’s plans to build a condominium tower in Belltown in favor of building a 12-story apartment tower. Construction should begin in about nine months. Details here.
  • This week, plans for a 4-story, 48-unit residential building underwent review by the Design Review Board. Look at the plans here.
  • A 20-unit apartment building at 1023 Pike Street was listed for $4.65 million. The current owner is looking to sell to someone motivated to preserve the building, instead of developing it into something else. Read more here.
  • Seattle University announced they are having an Off-Campus Housing Fair on April 11th. They are inviting Property Managers/Owners to set up a table for free to connect their students with places to live in the coming year. For more information call 206-296-6305 or email Kathleen Baker at

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