Dealing with the Cost of Rising Water Rates

Annual water rates increased by an average of almost 13% across the nation as we entered 2011. This can add up to big expenses for multi-family housing owners and managers.

This rise in rates is partially due to stricter regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency as they crack down on water quality and distribution. Additionally, the repair cost for dilapidating municipal water infrastructure is driving water rates up.

Landlords and managers are often turning to sub-metering their units to protect themselves from harsh utility increases.

And the results are clear: when tenants pay for their own water, they are much more conservative in their use. Sub-metering multi-family housing buildings is an effective way to promote eco-responsibility and guard against rising water rates.

Do you think that sub-metering is an effective tool in Seattle? Would water usage be any different in our already eco-friendly city if more tenants paid for their water? Share your thoughts in the comments below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter!

Read more about submetering in this month’s UNITS e-magazine.


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