Do you know where your vacancy ads are going?

Happy Snow Day Seattle!  This blizzardy weather makes us think that you should spend more time drinking cocoa with your family, and less time typing up ads for your vacancies.

As the holidays approach and your desire to sit in front a computer dwindles, we wanted know that when you place an ad on your ads automatically goes to dozens of other websites?

Here’s a list of some of the more popular sites we automatically distribute your ads to:

Snow in Seattle!

A winter wonderland at the center of the universe! Here's the view today from our offices in Fremont.

Google Base
Facebook Marketplace
MySpace Classifieds
Rented Spaces
KIRO TV Classifieds
Walmart Classifieds Classifieds
Housing Block
Lycos Classifieds
Hot Igloos

And of course, we have a built-in Craigslist and Backpage posting tool that makes it quick and easy for you to pop your ads on those sites.

So stop wasting time writing ads — put your vacancy on and go play in the snow already!


Mandatory carbon monoxide detector installation DELAYED

Good news for landlords and property managers from our friends at WMFHA this week!

Our hardworking associations have been fighting to delay the mandatory installation of carbon monoxide detectors that all landlords were required to install in their rental properties by this coming summer (whether there was a source of carbon monoxide in the apartment or not).

Thanks to their efforts, landlords now have more time to comply:

New rules will likely be established by November 2011 and take effect July 1, 2012. It is expected that the new regulation will require installation of alarms in units by July 1, 2012. WMFHA will be seeking an exemption for those buildings that do not have a source of carbon monoxide. Without the action today, CO alarms would have been required in all new dwellings beginning January 1, 2011 and in all existing buildings by July 1, 2011.

Interested in getting involved or learning more about rental housing legislation?  Then come join some of the team and others in our industry this January at the “Day on the Hill” in Olympia.

Send us an email if you’d like to come.  And happy snow day, Seattle!