Seattle’s job market – 14th best!

The Puget Sound Business Journal reported yesterday that Seattle has the nation’s 14th best job market, with with 5.10 unemployed people per advertised job out there. We jumped up from #18 last month.

Just a few minutes ago, they reported that our unemployment rate is less the nation’s average (9.2% in the Puget Sound area vs. 10% nation-wide) but that the state did lose 3,800 jobs last month. The good news is that officials say they’re seeing monthly job losses declining.”

Cross your fingers and toes – it looks like we’re on the upturn, folks!


National Association of Realtors lawsuit

Real estate agents need to be careful about what term they’re using for themselves. Having a real estate license doesn’t automatically mean you’re a “realtor” — that term is reserved for members of the National Association of Realtors (you know, the big “R” people) and they’re fighting to keep it that way.